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2006 MCAT Dates:
paper & pencil version

April 22th

March 17th

Late Registration
March 31th

August 19th

July 14th

Late Registration
July 28th

 Premedical Timetable
Last updated in 2001--changes may have occurred.

Junior Year

March 15--official transcripts may be sent to AMCAS (you may need to wait till the semester is complete).

April--MCAT offered during the third or fourth week of this month.

June 1--applications may me sent to AMCAS (this includes your personal statement and extracurricular activities).

July--secondary applications may be sent (this may include a composite letter prepared by the premedical committee, and letters of evaluation which are sent directly to the medical school by their author).

Interviews may begin as soon as an applicant's secondary application has been reviewed.

August--MCAT offered during the third or fourth week of this month.

Senior Year

October 15--earliest acceptance notification allowed by AMCAS schools.

March 15--number of acceptance notifications equals number of seats. Seats may continue to be filled, up to the last moment before class begins.

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